‘Grey’s Anatomy’ overtakes ‘ER’ as TV’s longest-running medical drama: Let’s take a scalpel to their Emmy histories

Last month ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” entered the history books when it overtook NBC’s “ER” as the longest-running medical drama in TV history. To recap, “ER” aired 331 episodes over 15 seasons (1994-2009). “Greys Anatomy’s” record-setting 332nd episode, directed by series star Chandra Wilson, aired February 28, 2019. The Seattle-set medical drama is poised to hit episode #342 by the end of its current 15th season, further building upon its milestone status. While “Grey’s Anatomy” and “ER” enjoyed wild success both commercially and with fans, how did each series perform at the Emmy Awards?

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“Grey’s Anatomy” originally premiered March 27, 2005 as a mid-season replacement, so that first season only produced nine episodes. Over the next 14 years it aired an average of 24 hour-long episodes per season, making it one of TV’s hardest-working shows. The Emmys bestowed the shortened first season with three nominations, but then

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