Frozen Blu-Rays Pulled in Japan After Voice Actor Drug Bust

Disney has halted the manufacturing and selling of Frozen Blu-rays in Japan following Pierre Taki's drug bust from last week. Taki is a member of the pop group Denki Groove and the voice of Olaf in the Japanese-language versions of the popular Disney animated movie. Last week, he was arrested after admitting to using a little bit of cocaine near Tokyo after an anonymous tip was provided to law enforcement. If convicted, Taki, could spend up to seven years in prison.

51-year old Pierre Taki, aka Masanori Taki, is seeing a lot more fallout than just potential jail time. Many companies in Japan started to pull endorsements, which is the norm in the Japanese entertainment industry after a drug-related arrest. Following suit, Disney has stopped the production of Frozen Blu-rays and Square Enix is scrubbing his voice in Kingdom Hearts III video game and they expect to have a

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