Drive-In Dust Offs: Thirst (1979)

How terrible to be the solitary vampire; cursed to walk the earth alone, sleepless nights interrupted by an insatiable blood lust, no one to go shopping with. It just doesn’t seem like the most sociable of lifestyle choices. This would be the case for most of horror’s filmdom until Thirst (1979), a quirky Australian blend of political satire and nightmarish imagery that presents a society of bloodsuckers intent on branding long before it entered the consciousness.

Released by New Line Cinema in late September, Thirst traipsed its way through the market place of grindhouse and drive-ins before popping up on VHS, where a young horror fiend (me) eagerly lapped up everything coming out by the nascent home video realm. What did the ten year old think? Well, not much at the time; he found it well made but slow. The man-child before you has the same thoughts, except time has brought me patience,

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