Taskmaster Is the Main Villain in Black Widow?

Taskmaster will reportedly be the main villain in Marvel Studios' upcoming Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson is finally getting her own standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and details are slowly starting to gather before the presumed production starts this June. Ever since the movie was announced, McU fans have been trying to figure out who the main antagonist will be. Now, it looks like the mystery might have been solved and Marvel Comics fans should be pretty happy.

Taskmaster is a well-known villain in Marvel Comics and he has the truly amazing power of perfect muscle memory, which allows him to master just about anything by watching it. This includes sword fighting and martial arts in the comics and he is a formidable foe. An inside source close to the Black Widow movie claims that he will be standing off against Natasha Romanoff. The character has famously been able to

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