Blu-ray Review – Next of Kin (1982)

Next of Kin, 1982.

Directed by Tony Williams .

Starring Jacki Kerin, John Jarratt, Alex Scott, Gerda Nicolson, Charles McCallum, Tommy Dysart, and Debra Lawrance.


A young woman inherits a large retirement home from her mother, and after reading her dead mother’s diary a series of mysterious deaths begins to occur.

Before he became a household name amongst genre fans by picking off backpackers in Wolf Creek, John Jarratt appeared in Next of Kin, an Australian horror movie that should be familiar if you have seen the excellent Ozploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood. If you are not familiar with said documentary then add it to your watchlist as it is required viewing for anybody with an interest in exploitation movies, but is Next of Kin also worthy of being added to the same list?

Possibly, because there are lots of things that Next of Kin does that are as intense

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