‘The Kid’ Review

Stars: Dane DeHaan, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Leila George, Ethan Hawke, Adam Baldwin, Tait Fletcher, Jake Schur, Keith Jardine, Jenny Gabrielle, Ben Dickey, Howard Ferguson Jr., Stafford Douglas, Hawk D’Onofrio | Written by Andrew Lanham | Directed by Vincent D’Onofrio

The Kid, directed by Vincent D’Onofrio, is a finely formed and sturdy old-fashioned western that evokes classics within the genre such as Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon and Henry Hathaway’s True Grit. It’s not a masterpiece of the genre by any means, as it doesn’t transcend the generic material at hand. However, it’s a strong compelling rendition of the somewhat conventional revenge story we’re all accustomed towards, with an affirmative narrative that explores the ideal of loyalty, fate and ambiguity of law in an honest, almost cathartic exploration that propel this into something quite special. Resulting in nothing short of a terrifically engaging,

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