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Here’s the first look at Apple’s top-secret shows, which will be ready for the Golden Globes [Watch]

Apple unveiled its highly anticipated, super secretive new streaming service in a simulcast presentation on Monday (you can watch or rewatch the whole thing here). The service is called… Apple TV+. Yup, everyone gets a + these days. And while Apple was still super secretive about a number of Apple TV+’s aspects — like how much will the damn thing cost — it did reveal that the service is scheduled to launch in the fall (no date yet). That means no Emmys this year, and the Golden Globes will be its first shot at awards glory.

The Apple TV+ portion of its announcement — which included a new gaming service and a credit card — was basically an upfronts presentation without any individual clips or trailers for its highlighted shows. (We legit saw more of the credit card than the shows.) After a lengthy package of its A-list talent discussing storytelling, several stars behind

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