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Now Shipping Worldwide: Cinema Retro Presents "The Wild Bunch" Movie Classics Special Edition

Cinema Retro Movie Classics Special Edition #8: The Wild Bunch

112 Pages/perfect bound spine. £10.95 / $15.95.

Issn 1751-4606

Now Shipping Worldwide!

This year's Movie Classics Special Edition celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sam Peckinpah's masterpiece The Wild Bunch (1969). This is an in-depth 124-page special, with a foreword by Sir Christopher Frayling and contributions by Peckinpah experts Mike Siegel, Jeff Slater and Nick Redman, features dozens of many never-seen-before photographs both in front and behind the camera. Interviews with Ernest Borgnine, L.Q. Jones, Lilia Castillo, Gordon T. Dawson, Chalo Gonzalez and Bo Hopkins give an amazing in-sight as to how this film was made, and we feature articles on the deleted scenes (with photos), the locations - then and now, the music and a complete look at how the film was made. Another amazing special on a timeless classic that only Cinema Retro knows how to deliver.

Note: This issue is not part of the subscription plan.

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