You can now make Metro Exodus more difficult than ever with the Ranger Update

Metro Exodus is getting its biggest update since launch in its latest patch. Taking up a total of 6Gb of hard drive space the ‘Ranger Update’ will introduce a range of new features to the post-apocalyptic Fps which include a new game plus option and a developer commentary.

New game plus will allow players to carry over any attachments and weapons they acquired in previous playthroughs of the game into a new one: the developer commentery is only available in this mode too. There are also several new custom difficulty settings that are accessible in new game plus such as ‘One Weapon,’ which is fairly self-explanatory, and ‘Backpack Limitations,’ where you can no longer craft items unless you make use of a crafting table.

Any masochists who own Exodus can also try out the ‘Iron Mode’ modifier that removes the ability to save the game at any point besides at the start of each mission.

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