Detective Comics #1000 Review

This review contains minor spoilers.

The tricky thing about assembling a milestone issue is that it must satisfy both casual fans and Wednesday Warriors. In other words, not only must it pay tribute to a character’s rich history, but it must also stay true to said icon’s contemporary sensibilities and, hopefully, inspire everyone who’s laid down their hard-earned money to keep reading whenever the next installment hits stands.

Seeing as how DC did a fine job of pulling off this balancing act one year ago with Action Comics #1000, they’re now following suit with Detective Comics #1000. As it turns out, the decades-old title hits quadruple digits during the very year Batman celebrates his 80th anniversary. And believe me, you won’t find many better love letters to the Dark Knight than this baby.

To my amazement, DC decided to save the “main story” for last (so I

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