Mahi Gill gets candid on Famously Filmfare Punjabi

Mahi Gill?s problem with herself

"I have a very big problem in my life. I go to the set, work, and after that I disappear. I think I have worked on maximum movies with Jimmy. But when we meet, it's only on the set, after which I disappear. Then again we meet at promotions. Again, I disappear."


Mahi Gill was selected in the army!

"I was selected in the army. I always wanted to join the army. I never wanted to become an actor. Didn't know what a set was. I even went to train at Ota, Chennai. My grandfather was in the army. My mother was a senior lecturer in a college. And she had majored with Ncc. So obviously, our family had a disciplined lifestyle. So, when the army selection happened, in those days, there were very few girls who joined the army. At least now, there is awareness.

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