DVD Review: Leprechaun Returns (2018)

Following the current trend with long running franchises that choose to ignore the previous sequels, Leprechaun Returns follows on from the original 25 years later. A decision which works brilliantly for the film giving it the freedom to not only follow on from the original story but also allowing it to reboot the series.

Leprechaun Returns is brilliantly balanced as it acknowledges the original film, Leprechaun (1993), throughout, whilst also trying to evolve the story. This enables it to appeal to both fans of the original series, whilst also making it accessible to a new audience. Mark Holton is the only returning actor from the original film as he reprises his role of Ozzie (Linden Porco having taken over the pivotal role of the leprechaun from Warwick Davis) and is used initially as a nostalgic connection between the two films. It seemed as though he would be destined for a brief cameo,

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