Listen to an Exclusive Track from Composer Carla Patullo’s Score for New Horror Comedy Porno

Movie theater employees in a conservative small town look forward to unwinding every Friday night when they watch a movie after hours, but they get more than they bargained for when they watch a film that unleashes a sex demon in the new movie Porno. Following the horror comedy's world premiere at SXSW (check here to watch a clip from the film), we've been provided with an exclusive track from the film's score to share with Daily Dead readers.

Composed by Carla Patullo and titled "Don't Lose Your Edge//You Wicked Demon," the exclusive track can be listened to below, and here's what Patullo had to say about the making of the track:

"Don't Lose Your Edge//You Wicked Demon is a track that I made by combining two cues. One cue happens in the basement of the movie theater which is filled with an otherworldly energy. There's a Succubus in the movie,

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