Maniff 2019: ‘Far From The Apple Tree’ Review

Stars: Sorcha Groundsell, Victoria Liddelle, Lynsey-Anne Moffat, Margaret Fraser, Adrienne-Marie Zitt, Scarlett Mack | Written by Ben Soper | Directed by Grant McPhee

Directed by Grant McPhee (Night Kaleidoscope), low budget horror Far From The Apple Tree stars Sorcha Groundsell as Judith, a young artist who takes a job as the live-in assistant to acclaimed visual artist Roberta Roslyn (Victoria Liddelle), with the promise of her own show at some point in the future. Moving into Roberta’s spacious rural mansion, Judith begins cataloguing her idol’s work, which is closely linked to the occult. However, she becomes increasingly unsettled after encountering images of Roberta’s missing daughter, Maddy, who appears to be Judith’s exact double.

There are plenty of creepy ideas in Ben Soper’s screenplay, and the film toys with intriguing themes such as artistic obsession, usurpation and possession. However, the script only ends up scratching the surface of those ideas,

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