Final Trailer for Uglydolls Shows That It's Worth Fighting for Your Flaws

We are all flawed individuals. After all, we are only human and no one is perfect. This upcoming animated musical film UglyDolls celebrates the flaws in us and shows us that those flaws are worth fighting for.

Yeah, the movie may look silly and like something that might not interest many of you. But I do like the message that it carries, and I think that it’ll be a fun flick for the kids to enjoy. In today’s world there is so much pressure to be perfect because there are people that seem to demand perfection from others; I see my kids struggling with that, and it’s totally ok for people not to be perfect.

Anyway, Stx Films has released a new trailer for you to watch, and this is said to be the final trailer for the film before it’s released.

The movie is based

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