Both Movies And The News Media Need The Next ‘Absence Of Malice’

Will there ever be another great journalism film? Given the chaos in both movies and the news media—audiences polarized, anonymous sourcing resurgent, Twitter rampant, prevailing narratives debunked (or not)—the temptation is to say, no, probably not.

But common sense says the next great media movie is bound to happen, sooner or later. And when it does, that film will probably look a lot more like Absence Of Malice than All The President’s Men.

Other films—Broadcast News, Network, The Insider, Shattered Glass, Truth, to name a few—have taken a serious cut at journalism in the years since classics like The Front Page, Citizen Kane, and The Sweet Smell Of Success put a framework around the genre.

But no movies in the last half-century have better defined inherent polarities in journalism—good reporter/bad reporter, fearless investigator/flawed newshound, bearer of truth/purveyor of damaging falsehood—than those two dramas,

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