Amazon Prime Video schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in April 2019

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that several original shows will be debuting new episodes on the streaming service in April, including the fifth season of the crime drama “Bosch,” the sophomore season of the comedy “The Tick” and the first edition of the children’s animated show “Bug Diaries.”

Likewise, there will be plenty of movies making their first appearances on Amazon Prime Video in April including the Oscar-nominated horror film “A Quiet Place,” a slew of films in the Bond franchise and all three entries in the “Blade” trilogy.

Below is the full schedule of everything that is coming to Amazon Prime Video in April 2019. Unlike Netflix, Amazon does not disclose the shows and movies leaving the service in any given month. We’ve done some digging and unearthed a few titles that will be exiting Amazon Prime Video in the first week of April.

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