Blu-ray Review – Kindergarten Cop / Kindergarten Cop 2

Kindergarten Cop, 1990

Directed by Ivan Reitman.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Richard Tyson, Miko Hughes.


UK Blu-ray releases of hard-man-cops-turned-kindergarten-teachers action comedies.

There comes a point in every action hero’s movie career when they have to relent and prove they are not just a gun and a pair of fists, and for Arnold Schwarzenegger that moment came with 1988s Twins. However, despite being a commercial success, Twins was a co-headliner with Danny DeVito providing most of the jokes at Arnie’s expense, and so between the heavy hitters of Total Recall and Terminator 2 Arnie tried his hand at comedy again with Kindergarten Cop, and what a joy it was.

If you haven’t seen Kindergarten Cop by now then the basic premise is that tough streetwise cop John Kimble (Schwarzenegger) has to go undercover as a kindergarten teacher in order to find the on-the-run wife

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