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Dance the Night Away When Prom Night (1980) Official Soundtrack Debuts on CD on May 10th

Picture it. The year is 1980, and Prom Night starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen has just been released in theaters. You enjoyed the film's disco vibes and decide to peruse record store shelves to look for the soundtrack, but come up empty-handed. Well, now you are in luck thanks to Perseverance Records and Carl Zittrer and Paul Zaza. Prom Night: Original 1980 Soundtrack will be released as a CD on May 10th.

"Perseverance Records presents the long-awaited official release of the 1980 cult classic Prom Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Perseverance worked closely with Carl Zittrer and Paul Zaza to locate and unearth the original masters and all music recorded for the film including unreleased disco songs and score not used in the final production, never heard before anywhere.

This marks the first official and complete CD release of the Prom Night soundtrack. While the songs themselves have made appearances on

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