Loved Us? Jordan Peele Is Going to Be Working on So Many Things This Year

Image Source: Universal Pictures

Raise your hands if you're too terrified to look into the mirror after watching Us. Jordan Peele has done it again, following his incisive social thriller Get Out with the full-blown horror Us, which is already a box office smash (and the source of our existential nightmares). If you're looking for more content from the writer-director-actor extraordinaire, you won't necessarily have to dig through all of his MadTV and Key and Peele sketches. So, what is he doing? The question you should ask is: What isn't he doing?

Peele will lend his voice to Toy Story 4 as Bunny. He'll also appear in the currently filming horror flick Abruptio as Danny across Buffy the Vampire Slayer's James Marsters and Pitch Perfect's Hana Mae Lee.

On top of these parts, Peele has his own production company called Monkeypaw Productions that gives him the resources to create

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