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‘Vida’s Tanya Saracho Looks To Cancel The Term “Diverse Writers”; WGA Attempts To Increase Inclusivity With Access Project

Conversations about diversity and inclusion have become a necessity in Hollywood considering the demand and need for authentic representation in TV and film. Earlier this week, UTA hosted their second Diversity Showrunner Panel with Tanya Saracho (Vida), Aida Croal, Marco Ramirez, Marja-Lewis Ryan (the forthcoming The L-Word sequel) and Aaron Thomas — and they did not hold back.

Moderated by Samie Falvey, who will serve as executive producer of Jessica Gao’s forthcoming comedy pilot at ABC, the panelists shared their stories — some of them horrific, some of them not — about working on shows and how it was like to be “the other” in a writers’ room. As the word “diversity” becomes more of a buzz word and less of an action-oriented initiative in Hollywood, their stories seemed like something out of an Hr training video on

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