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How To Unlock Hunk And The 4th Survivor In Resident Evil 2

As you’re probably aware, the newly fangled remake of Resident Evil 2 is chock-full with secrets and unlockable content. But did you know that Capcom’s latest survival horror also hides a cool bonus mode lifted straight out of the original 1998 classic?

Dubbed The 4th Survivor, this new mode places you in the blood-soaked boots of everyone’s favorite Umbrella Security officer, Hunk, and tasks you with escaping the mutated monstrosities that have taken hold of the Raccoon City Police Department. This is arguably one of the most challenging scenarios in the entire game. However, if you’re in the mood to unlock it, you’re already in the right place.

Unlocking Hunk and The 4th Survivor scenario requires players to beat the game with either Leon or Claire, and then beat the game with the opposite character in their respective 2nd Run scenario. In other words, first complete the

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