Chance Perdomo Is Aware of Your Thirst Posts: "Some Crack Me Up, I've Legit Spat Out My Drink"

Image Source: Netflix

When Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hit Netflix last year, it introduced us to a bevy of new young stars, but none made quite as much of an impression as Chance Perdomo. The charismatic young Brit, who plays Sabrina's cousin Ambrose, quickly became a fan favorite as the enigmatic warlock with the wisdom of an old man and the body of a hot 20-something. As the show returns to Netflix, Perdomo spoke to Popsugar over the phone and gave us a taste of what's to come from everyone's favorite pansexual necromancer.

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Popsugar: For those who've been anxiously awaiting this new season, can you sum up what we can expect from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2?

Chance Perdomo: You can expect a sense of the underlying theme of "who can you trust." Trust plays

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