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‘Curse of the Scarecrow’ DVD Review

Stars: Kate Lister, Louisa Warren, Cassandra French, Tim Freeman, Darrell Griggs, Tiffany-Ellen Robinson, Tommy Vilés | Written by Shannon Holiday | Directed by Louisa Warren

Separated for 20 years after the brutal murder of their parents, June and Carl are reuniting at the family barn where the horror took place to commemorate the anniversary of their parents’ death. Accompanied by her therapist and best friend, June is about to uncover the truth behind the locals’ belief in an ancient curse. A curse that sees a scarecrow takes human form every 20 years to wreak havoc on unsuspecting residents…

Proprtion Production are back again! Yes, after seemingly cashing in on the Pet Sematary hype with the unrelated Pet Graveyard, the company tap the killer scarecrow mythos, a genre trope that has been severly under utilised (in my opinion) in recent years, with Curse of the Scarecrow.

I love a good scarecrow-themed horror movie, ever since

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