Lazor Wulf Review (Spoiler-Free)

Adult Swim’s newest animated series may not be appointment television, but Lazor Wulf is fun, relaxed, and full of character.

This Lazor Wulf review contains no spoilers.

“That’s because Lazor Wulf brings the party with him!”

It’d be safe to think that a cartoon called Lazor Wulf would be a show about powerful wolf protectors or some sort of lupine galactic warriors. In reality, however, the name is just an excuse for a few weird creatures to relax and stay chill. It’s the kind of show rappers’ dogs would probably enjoy. One scene in the series features a sign in the background that says, “Anyone know the premise of the show?” and there’s a corresponding sign that says, “A wolf with a laser.” That’s about it and Lazor Wulf would rather you just enjoy yourself.

The official description for Lazor Wulf says that it

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