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Iff Panama: Ricardo Darin Talks About His New Film

Iff Panama: Ricardo Darin Talks About His New Film

Panama City — Argentine actor Ricardo Darin, currently attending the 8th Iff Panama for the fest’s opening film, “An Unexpected Love,” is prepping a new film, “Heroic Losers,” (La Odisea de los Giles) about an agricultural cooperative in Argentina in 2001, to be directed by Sebastián Borensztein, with whom Darin previously worked on “Koblic” (2016) and “Chinese Take-Out” (2011).

Love” was the first production from Darin’s new production shingle, Kenya Films, founded in 2018 with his son, Chino Darin.

“Heroic Losers” is their second production. The film is about a group of people from a chic neighborhood of Buenos Aires, who have an idea to create an agricultural cooperative, in 2001, at a very difficult moment in Argentine history, with rampant inflation and banking controls.

Darin plays a retired ex-football player who lives in a small town near Buenos Aires, Villa Alsina, who has the original idea to create the cooperative. Darin explained at

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