Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: 6 Notable Genre Athology Series

Michael Ahr Dave Vitagliano Apr 7, 2019

With The Twilight Zone being rebooted once again, our genre TV podcast hosts discuss their favorite anthology series of the past.

Each month on the Sci Fi Fidelity podcast, in addition to our show reviews and interviews, we discuss a topic of interest in genre television, sharing six exemplars of the chosen category. This month we tackled our favorite anthology series of the past, prompted by Jordan Peele's revival of The Twilight Zone and our recent enjoyment of Netflix's Love, Death & Robots, an animated version of the episodic short story phenomenon.

Among the examples discussed are obvious choices such as the original Rod Serling creation, The Twilight Zone, and its contemporary exploration of the unexplained, The Outer Limits, although we focus on the 1990s reboot, which lasted a bit longer than its predecessor. Much is made of the anthology series' ability to

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