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French TV Producers Will Make Dramatic Entrance at Mip

Fueled by the demands of the digital marketplace and linked to evolving local tastes, dramatic series have attained unprecedented influence in the French television industry, marking a notable departure from the country’s longtime approach.

For decades, international acquisitions dominated Gallic airwaves, while local production focused mainly on one-off telefilms, less-than-prestigious family shows and self-contained limited series.

The breadth of change has been remarkable. As late as 2011, U.S. imports accounted for 72% of the country’s top broadcast hits, while that number fell to just 4% by 2017. Domestic productions ascended in turn, rising from 3% in 2011 to 42% by 2017.

This shift in public appetite can partially be credited to a shift in the industry itself. “The main channels used to program a lot of French cinema, but [today] French cinema has more narrow appeal than before,” says Francois Godard of Enders Analysis. “So they had to look at other program genres, and they were

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