Joel Kinnaman: No value in digging up old tweets

Joel Kinnaman doesn't agree with the whole "call-out" culture of the society. The Swedish-American actor says there is no value in digging up an old tweet or finding a bad joke written by someone ten years ago. Be it James Gunn, Kevin Hart, Green Book screenwriter Nick Vallelonga, Blake Shelton or Trevor Noah -- there have been many instances when old tweets came back to haunt many names from Hollywood in the era of MeToo movement, inclusivity and gender equality.

But Kinnaman feels people should refrain from jumping to judgments, and look for the intention behind the words sometimes.

"There is a negative side of this movement and it is something that I really dislike. That is the call-out culture where people are offended by things," Kinnaman told Ians in an interview over the phone from New York.

"What is really important is that people go to the bottom of

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