Valentine: The Dark Avenger Trailer Has a Hero Rising from The Shadows

Shout! Factory has officially announced release date details and a fresh trailer for the North American debut of the popular overseas crime-fighting smash hit, Valentine: The Dark Avenger.

Batavia City is a metropolitan jewel ... but one increasingly tarnished in the face of rising crime. Amidst the chaotic onslaught of robbery and violence, a hero rises! On May 14, 2019, Shout! Factory Home Entertainment will unleash August Pestol's crime-fighting actioneer Valentine: The Dark Avenger on Blu-ray, DVD, digital, and major VOD platforms. Full of punch and slick action-fighting sequences, this film stars Estelle Linden, Matthew Settle, and Arie Dagienkz. Delivering a visceral thrill-ride, Valentine: The Dark Avenger is a must-have for superhero and action movie fans, collectors, and word cinema enthusiasts. Pre-order is available now at

City of Batavia has been infested with robbery and violence. Srimaya, a waitress at a caf&#233, dreams of a glamorous life as an actress. A

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