Star Wars Celebration 2019 Preview: What Can We Expect?

It's almost time for fans of a galaxy far, far away to gather together in solidarity in order to celebrate all things Star Wars. Indeed, Star Wars Celebration 2019 is about to take over Chicago and, since Disney and Lucasfilm skipped out on doing the event last year, it's been two years since the event was held last. And fans are eager for some real news. There will be plenty of that coming our way over the next few days and we're going to preview everything to expect, as well as what maybe not to expect.

Part of the reason Lucasfilm decided not to hold the event last year is that they really didn't have all that much to showcase. That is far from the case this year, as they not only have Star Wars 9 coming down the pipeline, but they've also got their live-action shows for Disney+, the animated shows

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