Review: Look Away (2018)

Maria (India Eisley) is a lonely 18-year-old high school student, who after feeling rejected by her family and tormented by her peers, begins to communicate with her reflection in the mirror – only here the girl in the mirror is more than just a reflection. It is a girl called Airam and she is able to communicate back. Airam is initially supportive towards Maria, who has become increasingly withdrawn, and offers her a solution to her torment. She has the confidence to say what Maria is thinking, the drive to get what she wants, but there is also an ulterior motive and a more sinister side to Airam.

Look Away is a slow brooding psychological thriller from writer-director Assaf Bernstein, which plays out differently to what you may initially expect, moving away from the more obvious concept of a demon in the mirror. A concept we have seen in various forms

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