The Twilight Zone Episode 3 Review: Replay

The Twilight Zone upstages its own themes and quirky time travel with a message that’s perhaps a bit too powerful for the story to handle.


This The Twilight Zone review contains spoilers.

The Twilight Zone Episode 3

As a fan of 12 Monkeys, Timeless, and other time travel shows, I had high hopes for “Replay,” The Twilight Zone’s third episode in its CBS All Access reincarnation. Unfortunately, the story got so bogged down in its institutional racism satire that it both defanged its sci-fi gimmick, a camcorder that rewinds time, and overshadowed a much more poignant message about family and the importance of remembering one’s roots. This episode didn’t take place in an off-kilter fifth dimension of mind but rather in our unfortunate reality with a hint of caricature and a Groundhog Day premise as an afterthought.

That’s not to say there weren’t some amazing performances from the actors.

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