New Amsterdam: Dissecting Sharpwin!

"Max, we need to talk about us ... this thing between us."

It was with those words from New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 16 that the 'Dam fandom erupted into a frenzy.

After a long hiatus, New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 17, the second part of a thrilling episode, returned and by the end of the hour, fan's questions about Sharpwin were answered. 

The series choosing to address the elephant in the room has split the 'Dam fandom in two, with many in an uproar over the mere suggestion of anything brewing between Max and Helen and a legion of Sharpwin 'shippers squealing in delight over the confirmation of the spark between the two leads.

Make no mistake; there is a spark. The series bolsters an impressive cast who gel so well together it feels as if everyone has worked together for years. It's noticeable, and a strong cast enhances the series for our viewing pleasure.

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