James Caan & Tom Hollander in Full UK Trailer for 'Holy Lands' Film

"I hope the strange adventure you're on is bringing you happiness..." Studiocanal UK has released the official UK trailer for the Israeli drama Holy Lands, the latest feature film written and directed by French filmmaker Amanda Sthers. James Caan stars in Holy Lands as Harry Rosenmerck, an Ashkenazi Jewish American cardiologist, who decides to leave everything to become a pig farmer in the Holy Land. Filmed in the iconic landscapes of Israel, Holy Lands is "a universal story about love, family, loss and tolerance, told with incredible humour and heart through career best performances by a stellar ensemble cast." The film shows that, "even in the most dysfunctional of families, what matters is the courage to say what has been left unsaid." This also stars Tom Hollander, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rosanna Arquette, Efrat Dor, Reem Kherici, Patrick Bruel, and Loai Nofi. Looks a bit odd, but seems like a heartfelt and honest film.

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