‘Stockholm’ Review: Ethan Hawke Robs a Bank and Coins a Syndrome in a Quirky Heist Comedy that Doesn’t Pay Off

On August 23, 1973, a convict by the name of Jan-Erik Olsson tried to rob the largest bank in Stockholm while he was on leave from his stint in prison. Olsson carried a machine gun, and he took a few hostages, but he wasn’t a jerk about it or anything; he was reasonably kind to the bank tellers, he only hurt people by accident, and — as the day wore on — he even started singing Roberta Flack in the vault (the acoustics down there must have been fantastic).

Either charmed by her captor, or simply convinced that he was harmless, one of Olsson’s hostages spoke up for him over the phone when the Prime Minister of Sweden called to negotiate; several others raised money for his legal defense when the standoff was over. It was almost as if the trauma of the whole event had caused its victims to sympathize with their assailant.

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