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‘Olympic Dreams’ Jeremy Teicher & Alexi Pappas Sign With Apa

‘Olympic Dreams’ Jeremy Teicher & Alexi Pappas Sign With Apa

Exclusive: Jeremy Teicher and Alexi Pappas, the multi-hyphenate duo whose Olympic Dreams, starring Nick Kroll and Pappas, premiered at this year’s SXSW film festival, have signed with Apa.

Olympic Dreams was shot on location at the 2018 Winter Olympics and tells the story of an athlete (played by Pappas) and a volunteer (played by Kroll) who share a special but limited time together in the Olympic Village. Co-written by Pappas, Teicher, and Kroll, and directed by Teicher (who also was a one-person crew), Olympic Dreams is the first narrative feature film ever shot in a real-life Olympic Village.

Teicher and Pappas’s 2016 film Trackdown, starring Pappas, Rachel Dratch and Andy Buckley, was developed through the Sundance Lab, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and released by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures.

Teicher’s first film, the 2014 award-winning Tall as the Baobab Tree, was inspired by true stories from

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