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Interview with Chapman To: Acting is my wife, directing is my favourite girlfriend

Born in Hong Kong in 1972, Chapman To begun his acting career in television series to subsequently move to cinema in 2000. Since then, he has been working steadily in a mix of comedies and more authorial movies like “Infernal Affairs” I & II, Pang Ho-cheung’s “Isabella”, the “Golden Chicken” series, “Vulgaria” and “Aberdeen”. Due to his support to Hong Kong’s umbrella movement, the Chinese government blacklisted him and he hasn’t been able to work or show his work in Mainland China since.

His directorial debut was “Let’s Eat” in 2016, a Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia co-production and he is now at his second work on the director chair with “The Empty Hands”, a story about falling and finding the strength to get up again.

On the occasion of “The Empty Hands” screening at Far East Film Festival, we speak with him about living with a “sickness”, his black belt

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