‘Artificial’: Experimental Twitch Series Returns For Season 2 On April 17

Who knew that Twitch was game for original scripted programming? The online social video service is a natural destination for gamers who stream live content of their conquests and competitions but now the apparatus (and its live audience) are also being used by a series called Artificial to create meta entertainment of the moment.

The live, bi-weekly sci-fi series (which returns at 5 p.m. Pt/8 p.m. Et April 17 for its Season 2 premiere) starts with a scripted storyline but then harnesses audience participation to change that story on the fly and incorporate those changes into the ongoing narrative foundation. But unlike, say, Choose Your Own Adventure stories, Artificial is not an individual experience. The show is tailored to the communal rhytyms of Twitch to become something that both reflects and enlists its reactive audience to collectively influence the story direction via real-time voting polls, submitting questions, and sharing input with

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