Film Review: Prakasan (2017) by Bash Mohammed

Films, in which an innocent village guy gets acquainted with the cruelties of the modern world in the city are pretty common in Indian cinema and especially in Malayalam cinema. Director Bash Mohammed debuted with “Lukka Chuppi” (“Hide and Seek”), one of the best Indian films of 2015, which was about a reunion of college mates after 14 years, but presented with such a novelty that even though it didn’t perform well at the box office it is slowly gaining a cult following which is rare for such a film in Malayalam film industry. So Mohammed’s approach was something to look out for as in finding out what new he can bring on this subject.

“Prakasan” screened at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

Prakasan is a tribal youth from the wilderness of Chamakudy where the small population lives in harmony using the resources of the forest. Prakasan is the

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