Watch WWE Superstar The Big Show Debut on Syfy’s ‘Happy!’ (Exclusive Video)

WWE’s Big Show (real name Paul Wight) is now Syfy’s Big Pink, and TheWrap exclusively has your first look at the pro wrestler’s arc on Christopher Meloni-Patton Oswalt series “Happy!

Wight, who stands 7-feet-tall, weighs 440 lbs., and has a 22 Eeeee shoe size way beneath his 64-inch chest, will recur this season as the cellmate to gangster Francisco “Big Blue” Scaramucci’s (Ritchie Coster). Wight’s Big Pink character debuts Wednesday night on the “Blitzkrieg!!!” episode, which has the following logline:

Who the hell is Dayglo Doug? Sax, Merry & Happy enter a geriatric death trap. Don’t eat the jelly.

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In our clip, a very sensitive Big Pink tells Big Blue it’s like he is “two different people.” That doesn’t go over well with at least one of Blue’s personalities, and the much-smaller “Big” dude

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