Legacies Season 2 To Feature More Monster Of The Week Episodes And More

Hey, fellow "Legacies" fans. We're back at you with another Legacies season 2 article. The other one we recently ran, went really well! Apparently, a lot of you guys really want to know what's up next for Hope and the rest of the supernatural Legacies gang when the Fall 2019 rolls around. Well, I'm happy to say we have a bit of extra insight to share in this article. The folks over at Entertainment Weekly recently got to chat up the main executive producer of Legacies, Julie Plec. What we gathered from this interview is that the one thing you guys will be guaranteed to see, is the classic monster-of-the-week format that they used in season one. Julie apparently loves that format and had a lot to say about it. She revealed that the monster-of-the-week format really makes their jobs as writers a lot more easy, fluid and fun. She stated, "We

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