Teaser Trailer For DC's Swamp Thing Gives Us Our First Look at The Creature

Following the news that production on DC Universe’s Swamp Thing had been shut down and that the 13-episode series would be cut down to 10-episodes, a teaser trailer was released. I imagine the reason for the trailer is to spark some excitement and confidence among the fans.

The teaser offers us our first look at the creature and as you can see, it’s very much in line with the comic book design. I like it! It’s a very cool look and it’ll be great to see him in action!

I just hope that the rewrites that are being done for the ending don’t completely ruin the story that the creative team originally set out to tell. This is the one DC series that I was actually super stoked about watching!

Check out the teaser trailer below and let us know what you think about Swamp Thing’s look.

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