My Lover, My Lazy Boy Offers a Front Row Seat in 2019: A Preview

My Lover, My Lazy Boy is an upcoming horror comedy. From the twisted mind of director Bernie Rao (The Badlands), this film envisions a serial-killing armchair. A movie clip was released for the film a year ago. Currently, director Rao is completing production on the film, which is slated to show in film markets later this year. This is a New Zealand production. And, My Lover, My Lazy Boy stars: Jed Brophy (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies), Harley Neville (I Survived a Zombie Holocaust), Grant Kereama, Piimio Mei and many others. An unofficial trailer, for the film, is available here - along with a few other details. The official plot mentions a Dybbuk-possessed reclining chair. This chair becomes infatuated with its new owner (no seriously?!). Now, this recliner will do whatever it takes, including murder, to have her. Not even a Jewish Rabbi, nor a Voodoo sorceress can help.

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