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Chrissy Metz on Her Faith-Based Film ‘Breakthrough': ‘I Really Do Believe in the Power of Prayer’ (Video)

Just before landing her star-making role as Kate Pearson in NBC’s mega-hit “This Is Us,” Chrissy Metz was broker than the Ten Commandments, with exactly 81 cents to her name.

Fast-forward three years and Metz, now one of TV’s biggest stars, is making her big screen debut in “Breakthrough,” a faith-based movie about a fierce mother who practically wills her son back to life through the power of prayer.

“I really do believe in the power of prayer and the collective consciousness,” Metz told TheWrap. “Personally, it’s helped me navigate some really, really, really tough waters.”

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“Breakthrough” tells the real-life story of John Smith, a 14-year-old from St. Charles, Missouri, who in 2015, fell through the ice of Lake St. Louis. He had been submerged in the freezing water for a

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