‘Silk Scream’ Review

Stars: Lauren Alexandra, Jenn Attaway, Lorraine Chetta, Renell Gibbs, Bill Heintz, Ari Lehman, Jason Matherne, Hunter McGregor, Lisa Mackel Smith, Steve Waltz | Written by Bill Heintz | Directed by Jason Matherne

New Orleans based filmmakers Terror Optics have been churning out some “interesting” genre films in the last 15+ years beginning with the extreme horror Goreface Killer in 2002 and following it up with the likes of Goregasm and Grimewave. All of which pushed the boundaries of sex and violence, in the most low-budget way possible that is!

Terror Optics latest film, Silk Scream, once again helmed by founder Jason Matherne but this time written by Bill Heintz – who actually starred in the first Terror Optics film, the aforementioned Goreface Killer – is somewhat different from the companies previous efforts, eschewing the extreme nature of their prior films and delivering a movie that has more of an 80s-slasher meets Italian Giallo aesthetic… but with a Troma twist!

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