20 Shocks and Surprises From the 2019 Cannes Lineup, From Werner Herzog to Xavier Dolan

The 2019 Cannes Film Festival lineup has arrived, and with it, the most exciting crop of cinema unveiled so far this year. For over seven decades, Cannes has been the most anticipated film event on the calendar for a reason: No other gathering of cinephiles puts the art form on such a dazzling pedestal, with thousands of discerning members of the media and industry scrutinizing the contents of its program from every possible angle. The latest edition is no exception.

While film festivals have proliferated around the globe, Cannes has maintained its status as the most discerning of highbrow movie havens. Over the years, the festival’s stature has been threatened by a number of complications, as American studios have grown wary of the risk involved in subjecting a movie to Cannes hype, and Oscar hopefuls tend to hold out for fall slots at Venice and Telluride. Cannes has also contended with the changing entertainment landscape,

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