Tara Fitzgerald: 'I didn't think I was very talented. I didn't have that fight'

In the 1990s, she was everywhere – on film and TV and in the theatre – but then she almost disappeared. She talks about eschewing Hollywood – and being close to Harvey Weinstein

Although 1990s British pop culture is now generally discussed through the prism of Britpop, there was another equally pervasive storyline: the rise of young British female actors. Everyone from Kate Winslet to Sadie Frost was eagerly pitched as the next big thing, and the general assumption was that Hollywood was the focus and eternal fame the reward. But of the many young, posh and pretty female faces that smiled from the magazine covers then, few seemed as much of a sure thing as Tara Fitzgerald.

One 1996 interview described her as falling “somewhere in between established British actresses like Helena Bonham Carter and Emma Thompson and young upstarts like Winslet and Minnie Driver”, which was right, but underestimated how ubiquitous Fitzgerald was.

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