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What Happened to Kiefer on General Hospital

Kiefer Bauer hasn't been seen on General Hospital in almost 10 years, but the name has popped up recently leading some newer fans to wonder just who this guy is. Christian Alexander debuted in the role in June of 2009, and less than a year later, he had met his tragic fate. Kiefer Bauer was dating Kristina Davis, but had a violent temper he would sometimes take out on her. He also got into a fight with her older brother, Michael Corinthos, and constantly harassed him. However, Kiefer proved useful when he helped Kristina cover her tracks after she ran over a pregnant Claudia Zacchara, causing her to lose her baby. (Who would’ve been Kristina’s half brother.) Kiefer and Kristina's relationship was rocky from the start. (Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC via Getty Images) When Kristina developed a crush on Ethan Lovett and eventually dumped Kiefer for him, Kiefer flew

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