Natalia Dyer Compares ‘80s and 2000s for Yes God Yes

David Crow Apr 20, 2019

Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer talks her new film Yes, God, Yes and tells us what's better about the '80s than the 2000s.

Growing up in a sheltered lifestyle is difficult. When everyone around you thinks the same and looks the same, it is hard to realize if you’re not the same. For better or worse, technology has made that bubble-like groupthink rarer, but it still exists and is captured at an amusingly awkward moment, for both characters and pop culture, during Yes, God, Yes. As Karen Maine’s directorial debut, the picture stars Natalia Dyer as Alice, a young woman who (kind of) wishes to conform with her Catholic school’s rigid teachings, but in the early 2000s is getting a crash course in sexual education at a point when “social media” was but a flicker in angry Harvard students’ eyes.

It’s an amusing

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